About Himag


Strategic positioning of group division 

HIMAG Magnetic Co., Ltd. was established in January 1991. Following the Group's strategic positioning as "Industrial Material Supplier", it is committed to supplying high-quality magnetic materials required by the electronic industry, such as high-purity iron oxide powder and high permeability, low loss magnetic powder etc., the overall sales channel included Taiwan, China, India, the United States and Europe.

Iron oxide powder is a model of circular economy

"Iron oxide powder" is CSC's resource product, high-purity iron oxide powder and hydrochloric acid produced after purification and roasting process. Hydrochloric acid can be reused in pickling lines.
The iron oxide powder has SB, SA4, SA5 grades. Through the powder metallurgy process, various types of manganese-zinc and nickel-zinc soft ferrite powders are produced to downstream customers processed into soft ferrite cores. It can be widely used in the manufacture of passive components with high frequency and low voltage output. This is an environmentally friendly material.
At present, the iron oxide powder produced by CSC and other CSC's downstream customers is about 40,000 tons per year, all of which are used or sold by HIMAG. The waste from the pickling process is processed and manufactured into The reuse of electrical components, so iron oxide can be regarded as one of the models of circular economy.

Develop high-end products in response to industry trends

With ours own R&D team combined with the resources of CSC's technical department, HIMAG continues to develop high efficient soft ferrite materials. In response to the change of market, we keep developing the new application of iron oxide and soft ferrite magnetic powder, now the microwave materials that can be used in wireless communication, array radar have been successfully developed and provided for the Military‑Industrial.

Diversified operation to create group Performance

Based on the needs of business operation and development, in addition to the continuous development of high-grade magnetic materials, HIMAG also have special chemicals and catalyst products with the best quality and stable and safe supply for CSC's group to create the greatest synergy for the group.

Among them, special chemicals were originally only supplied to CSC, and gradually expanded to group companies. The supply quantity also increased from 7,508 MT in 2012 to the quantity 10860 MT in 2017, and the supply quality and delivery pass rate are as high as 99.5%.

Catalyst products include Ammonia Decomposition Catalyst and SCR catalyst. Ammonia Decomposition Catalyst is used in claus high temperature furnace, which can decompose NH3 in the process, thereby reducing the generation of sulfide (SOX); SCR catalyst is mainly used in steelmaking sintering with high content of fly ash Plants, coal-fired boiler power plants (power plants) and incinerators, etc., can simultaneously treat nitrogen oxides (NOX) and dioxin compounds (DXN) contained in the exhaust gas during the process, so as to avoid the discharge of these two harmful gases into the atmosphere, causing environmental pollution and endanger human health. Recently, we have cooperated with many domestic manufacturers to develop catalyst products that can be coated on dust filter and smoke exhaust systems of automobiles and motorcycles, which not only greatly improves the benefits of the products, but also looks forward to contributing to the environmental protection of the earth.

Make up for the shortcomings, and then invest in the production of hard magnets

The products of HIMAG belong to the soft ferrite magnetic series and lack the products of the hard ferrite magnetic (permanent magnet) series, so that they cannot be matched with the electromagnetic steel sheets of CSC Company, forming a strategic positioning of full-scale supply of materials, so HIMAG combined the technical department of CSC and other company jointly established "Magapower Co., Ltd." to develop high-end permanent magnet ferrite magnetic powder and magnets.

The establishment of the Magapower Co., Ltd, with the R&D in Taiwan, the operation of the cross-strait model, the vertical integration of domestic first-class enterprises, from raw materials, processing, finished product assembly, application and market development, etc., strategic alliances to form a complete magnet industry The chain also makes group of CSC supply chain layout in the motor industry more complete.


MagnPower Corporation

Future development prospects

HIMAG Technology Co., Ltd. undertakes all-round assistance from the technical department of CSC, and actively develops magnetic materials with iron oxide powder as the main raw material. Oxygen magnetic material division method, expects to become a professional manufacturing factory of CSC Group magnetic material, and promote the quality and technology to the world-class level.